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The Forum

Empowering change through thought-provoking discussions

Our aims & vision

The Forum exists to provide a safe environment where people of ethnic minorities can speak about issues affecting them in the workplace openly and without judgement. We believe it is only by raising our voices that we are able to make a difference and challenge the status-quo. However, no change comes without a price and we appreciate the fear and uncertainty that often accompanies the decision to speak up. Our partnership with organisations ensures that every feedback they receive from the Forum is treated with confidentiality and fairness.

To be effective in our pursuit for a more diverse workforce in the creative industries, we have only but three simple yet focused objectives:

  • To empower early-career BAME individuals to have a voice in their workplace and sector by creating a safe environment for conversations about the challenges they face

  • To support organisations to identify areas that need improving to get the most out of their employees by creating an environment where they can be comfortable being themselves 

  • To celebrate the success of individuals and organisations and the journey to a more diversified sector 

Ultimately, our end goal is to affect change by encouraging early to mid-career individuals from black, Asian and ethnic minorities to speak up and voice their employee experience as a person of colour in order to change what is not working.  


As a platform that works to bring down barriers to the progression and retention of BAME individuals, our vision is that conversations about how we create more inclusive work environments will be at the centre of the workplace- so that we all play our part in diversifying the creative sector. 


Our work effects change

We in partnership with organisations to ensure confidentiality and that the necessary changes are implemented to create positive and culturally diverse environment at their workplaces. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their place of work. It's also important to us that everyone who confides in us feel that whatever they say will not be used against them, hence protection of every individual that confides in us and participates in our workshops is an integral part of our commitment with partner organisations.


In a nutshell, our partnership with organisations ensures that we work together to: 

  • Create an environment in which individuals can feel empowered to share their experiences without the fear of losing their job or damaging their career.

  • Agree on procedures for providing feedback and reporting to the organisations 

  • Implement systems for evaluation and tracking progress 

We strongly believe in the power of unity in challenging the issue of diversity in the creative industry. Hence, our partnership with organisations is vital to the work we do.